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Dream Kitchen Design – Moldings And Accents

Dream Kitchen Design – Moldings and Accents

Kitchen Design – A guide to designing the kitchen of your dreams!

Has the moment finally arrived for you to begin your dream kitchen design? Here you will find some awesome tips on designing the kitchen of your dreams by incorporating the use of elegant accents such as crown moldings, range hoods, as well as posts and pilasters.

See the difference

standard withoutstandard with molding

Cabinet Moldings

Moldings play a huge factor in the look as well as the “feel” of your kitchen design. So choose your moldings wisely! In order to decide what cabinet moldings are right for you, think about the look you are trying to achieve. To illustrate why why say that – contemporary kitchens typically us very little moldings in order to maintain a minimalist look and feel. Traditional kitchens on the other hand, use significantly more cabinet moldings. So based on the overall design  concept, your molding choices will be different.

Because traditional kitchens along with transitional designs are the primary kitchen design styles that use all of these embellishments – we will just discuss those two types on this page. Here are three different types of moldings that we will discuss:

  1. Crown
  2. Light Rail
  3. Baseboard

Crown Molding

Create your dream kitchen design by using crown moldingCrown is used on the top of the cabinets. By using crown it will create a finished look that also adds stunning visual appeal. There are a couple different applications for cabinet crown. The standard application is to simply attach it to the top of the cabinets which will generally leave a void space between your cabinet crown and the ceiling. While this practice looks great when you have at least 9 inches of void space, it can look a little awkward if the void space is too small.

The other alternative is to stack top moldings. Stacking moldings is simply applying one molding to another molding in order to create the appearance of an extra large molding. To do this, use a normal crown molding in conjunction with a inverted baseboard or a filler piece. First you will attach the inverted molding onto the top of your cabinets. Next you will attach the crown onto the inverted base molding. Once both pieces are installed you will achieve the look of one large top molding.

Light Rail Molding

Hot to design kitchen with light rail moldingWhile the primary use of light rail molding is to conceal under cabinet lighting fixtures it also gives your kitchen more of a custom look. By using a light rail molding it helps to give your kitchen a finished look. For a truly custom look, try using a light rail molding along with a finished plywood panel that spans across the entire bottom of your cabinets. When you do this, be sure to opt for recessed puck lighting for a clean and elegant look (see picture).


Baseboard Molding

Dream kitchen design with baseboard moldingsProbably one of the most overlook items in kitchen designs are baseboard moldings. While they do add extra cost to the kitchen, it also puts your kitchen over the top with a subtle, yet huge, wow factor. While most people don’t immediately notice these moldings, once you see a kitchen design with them along with one without, you too would opt for baseboard moldings.


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