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Premium Wholesale Cabinets

We are proud to offer affordable cabinets without compromising quality standards. Our entire product line features premium cabinetry components that are sure to meet or exceed your expectations. Whether you need kitchen cupboards or bathroom cabinetry, we have it covered.

How To Select The Right Cabinetry For Your Project

Have you been searching for cabinets for awhile? With all of the options out there these days, do you often wonder which choice is right for you?

There are a few key things to look for when selecting the cabinets that will work best for your needs. Here they are, in no particular order:

Materials Used In Manufacturing

Every cabinet manufacturer uses a number of different raw goods to produce each cabinet component. Today there are many different types of  materials available for production including but not limited to:

  • Solid woods
  • Plywood
  • medium density fiberboard (mdf)
  • particle board, laminates, wood veneers, and other composite materials.

While each type of material has its place in the cabinet manufacturing industry, there are better choices of material usage depending on the final application and budget. A kitchen and bathroom for example, are prone to moisture and water intrusion that may cause damage to cabinets, especially those made from particle board or other pressed boards. Using plywood cabinets is the best option in areas that can or will be subject to moisture. Pressed boards on the other hand, are great for closet cabinetry or storage rooms. Because these rooms are not typically subject to moisture, a composite material such as melamine is more suitable for this application. An added benefit is that there is typically a substantial costs savings when downgrading to a particle board or melamine material.


There are a number of different hardware options on the market today. Most notably are concealed hardware along with soft closing hardware.


Concealed hardware: Cupboard hinges and/or drawer slides are not visible in the closed position or when a drawer is opened.

Soft Closing Hardware: In simple terms, is when the hardware engages a piston that catches the slide or hinge and gently closes. This provides a near silent close and helps prevent damage to the cabinets as well as slamming fingers.



Cabinet Overlay

Overlay simply represents the visual coverage a door or drawer front has over its cabinet frame or box. There are three primary overlays types for kitchen cabinets.

  1. Full overlay: Door and drawer fronts cover the majority of the cabinet face frame or box. This type of configuration will yield a more visually appealing kitchen design. Since the doors nearly cover the entire front of the cabinet, there is no need for a center stile in the cabinet frame. By removing the center stile you have full and clear access to interior storage.
  2. Partial Overlay: The door and drawer only cover about 1/2″ of the cabinet frame. This configuration can create a “choppy” looking design that may not be pleasing to some. Furthermore, it requires the use of a center stile that will reduce the usability of your cabinet space.
  3. Inset Doors: The door and drawer sit inside the frame of the cabinet. This configuration creates a custom “furniture” style look and is considered to be very high end. While it is a beautiful look, it often comes at a very high price tag – but we hope to change that in the near future. We are currently engineering this style in a modular configuration with a visually seamless design.



Door Styles

There are literally thousands of cabinet door styles on the market today. So how do you choose which one is right for you?  It all comes down to personal preference. First you should find your design style. Once you have that figured out you can start the search for the one that works for you. Call us biased, but the shaker door might be perfect for you!


Shaker Style Cabinets – The Most Versatile Design

While there are many options of cabinet styles to choose from, we have chosen a Shaker style as our staple product because of the extreme versatility of its design.

Known for its simple and functional design, Shaker-style furniture remains a timeless classic when designing or remodeling kitchens. Our traditional Shaker cabinets feature a 5-piece door with a recessed center panel along with an upgraded matching drawer front rather than a basic slab.

Traditional to Contemporary

One of our favorite things about the Shaker cabinet is its ability to fit well in any design or architectural setting. Going for the industrial modern look? No problem. Utilize flat or angled moldings in your kitchen to create a simple clean line design. Pair it with a wide metal cabinet pulls to finish off the look.

Want a traditional style kitchen?  Just incorporate some of our accessories such as elaborate crown moldings, corbels, pilaster posts and other decorative details to create a warm and inviting space.

Paint or Stain

Shaker designs look fantastic in painted finishes as well as wood stains. We have carefully selected different finishes that will match almost any home decor. Not only that, we have created a color pallet that works well together! Now you can mix and match finishes to create an even more customized kitchen.

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